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Wall Art Oude Meester
the Lady with the Lapis Bowl

Portrait of a Woman, (1638) by Guido Reni.

The subject may represent the wife of Mausolus.
After the death of her husband,
she mixed his ashes in liquid which she drank, making herself a living tomb.
The Story was used as a Symbol of a Widow’s devotion to her husband’s memory.

It almost feels Sacrilegious to alter a Old Masterpiece
but could not resist in adding my Wallpaper and some handdrawn Florals to this one.
So much more Fun and Contemporary.

The Beauty of Graphic Design is that anything is possible.
These High Resolution Prints can be printed in any size and on any material requested
from Wallpaper to Fabric

Whether it be a Dutch Old Master, Vintage Botanicals or a Family Portrait,
once digitized the joyful process of creating something new and unique begins.

For me………..…It’s all about the passion to create.

Chanel Art on Wall

The Classic No.5
A Mix of Vintage Botanicals and Birds in Pink and Yellow. Each can be printed on any Surface, above a example on Canvas    60x80cm

Chanel Art

Vintage Botanicals rearranged and ‘Framed’.
A Collection of Cards that say ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Liefs’